More About Picardy

With a fantastic location between Calais and Paris, gites in Picardy are best placed to explore the varied activities and sights in the north of France. With a medieval influence, this is one region where gastronomic delights feature heavy on the holiday agenda. Amiens duck paté and Flamiche aux Poireaux - a rich leek tart and Chantilly cream are all products from Picardy. There are a huge variety of holiday cottages in Picardy suitable for a romantic getaway, family holiday or a long weekend with friends. From rural and rustic retreats to more modern holiday apartments, you will be sure to find the perfect place to stay at any time of the year. Simply choose the area, number of guests and time of year, or browse our selection of holiday cottages in Picardy to see what is available.

Picardy Cottages & Gites

Explore deepest France and experience a rich cultural heritage that is centuries old when holidaying in Picardy. This delightful region of France is home to the country’s very own dialect – Picard – which you will still be able to hear in some parts on your travels. Picardy is also well known for delights such as the world-famous Chantilly cream, Amiens duck pate and of course the rolling, beautiful countryside that is characteristic of so many parts of France.

Things to Do in Picardy

Picardy is in the historic centre in the west of Europe, so there are many places of historical significance to visit in the area that have been shaped by important historical events, even in relatively recent years. Picardy also has a coastal region, that attracts families on warm sunny summers days. Or for fun of a different kind, Paris is just a short train journey or car ride away and is full of attractions to keep everyone happy, from museums and art galleries to theme parks. If you are in the area for a while, why not cross the border into Belgium.

Attractions in Picardy

We want you to enjoy the best that Picardy has to offer and so here's a selection of our favourite things to see and do;

Battlefield Tour

Many visitors to Picardy choose to go on a tour of the Somme battlefields. This is an informative and educational experience for people of all ages where you not only get to tour the battlefields and visit memorials, you also get to understand the real significance behind them. While you can visit the sites to explore on your own, a guided tour is recommended, as it brings the history of the events to life, and gives you a chance to really connect on this memorable day out.

Amiens Cathedral

As the capital of Picardy, Amiens has plenty of see-and-do boxes to tick, but the city’s cathedral is a must-tick. People say – and who are we to argue – that it is one of the most precise expressions of the early Gothic style you’ll find in Europe, let alone France. The imperfections and learning mistakes arising from the preceding cathedrals at Beauvais, Chartres and Reims have formed this little (actually quite large) gem of a cathedral. Don’t miss it!

Armistice Clearing

Yes, it’s only a clearing in some woods. But this little patch saw the signing of two of the most important treaties in modern history. The first signing took place on the 11th of November 1918, where the Germans surrendered to the Allies. When Hitler started the whole thing off again 21 years later, he thought it might be nice to get the French to sign their surrender at the same place. Oh, how the French were annoyed by this. The gravity of what happened here is obvious – and sure to bring history alive for younger members of your party!

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