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With 1,000 kilometres of stunning coastline, holiday cottages in Corsica are never far from the sea. This French region has a distinctly Italian flavour due to its location off the coasts of both countries. As France’s largest offshore island, the Mediterranean isle of Corsica has 3,000 square miles of rugged, beautiful landscape.

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The sweeping sandy bays and rocky inlets of its coastline teem with marine life and in the rugged interior ancient villages perch on towering ridges and rivers splash down rocky gorges. Holiday cottages in Corsica are perfectly positioned to enjoy all that this attractive island has to offer.

Corsica is a mountainous island so the climate can vary depending on the altitude. The island usually receives lots of sunshine every year and the weather is generally hot and dry in the summer, while the winter is very mild. The weather in the mountains can differ quite a lot and is usually quite cold with lots of rain keeping the green forests lush. Many holiday cottages in Corsica are located near the beaches and in the towns along the coast, benefiting from the hot weather in summer and the mild weather in winter.

The capital of Corsica is Ajaccio, the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, which overlooks a magnificent bay on the west coast. As Corsica’s most famous son, Ajaccio is filled with monuments to remember Napoleon. Casa Buonaparte, the birthplace and home of Napoleon, was turned into a museum in 1967 where visitors to the region can explore the family home. From 1682 to 1923 the house was owned by members of the Buonaparte (Bonaparte) family.

Holiday cottages in Corsica that are situated in Ajaccio will be close to all the sights, such as Cathedrale Notre Dame de la Misericorde - the place of Napoléon’s baptism and the Fesch museum which houses a large collection of Italian renaissance paintings. Ajaccio has many bars, restaurant and cafés, perfect for relaxing and watching the world go by.

Corsica boasts a range of attractions and beauty spots which visitors to the region are sure to enjoy. There are some beautiful beaches, including those in the towns of Calvi and Ile Rousse. Panoramic views can be taken of the island at Monte Stello, a high point of the region. The historic inland capital of Corte is also a place of interest, which is home to the Museum of Corsica, the University of Corsica and the Fortress of Corsica. The Parc Regional de Corse is also accessible and is rich in flora and fauna, covering around 40 percent of the whole island. There are a range of areas where holiday cottages in Corsica are in the perfect place to explore this exceptional island.

The succulent dishes of Corsica are a product of the islands position between France and Italy. Brocciu, a cheese made from goats or sheeps milk, is a famous food produced in Corsica and it goes well with the white wine that is produced in the same area.

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When staying at holiday cottages in Corsica visitors have plenty of opportunity to enjoy the delectable meat and fish such as pancetta, coppa (dried rib cut pork) and salumu (dried sausage). The fish popular in the region includes red mullet, monkfish and lobster. Clementines and chestnuts are also grown in the area and the region has its own caviar made from cured and dried mullet roe called boutargue.

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Holiday cottages in Corsica are never far from the coast, so there is always plenty of sand and sunshine. The properties available can range from cosy cottages to larger villas with a range of amenities such as swimming pools, gardens, terraces, satellite television and internet access. Whether you are looking for holiday cottages in Corsica for a short break or a longer holiday, there are properties on our website suitable. Corsica is perfect for romantic getaways for couples and holidays for families and groups of friends alike. When booking holiday cottages in Corsica you will be able to talk directly with the property owner, learning valuable information about the hidden gems of the area. Browse a wide range of holiday cottages in Corsica.