Villas in Vendee

On the west coast of France lies the department of Vendée which takes its name from the Vendée River that flows through the region.  With stunning beaches on this Atlantic coastline and beautifully picturesque countryside, it is no wonder that Vendée has become a popular tourist destination that attracts visitors from all over the world.  Hiring holiday villas in Vendée provides the perfect base for exploring all that this charming destination has to offer.

Quality villas in Vendee

There is so much to fill your holiday with when you visit Vendée, and you can make your stay as active or as restful as you like.  The main highlight of spending a holiday in Vendée has got to be the beaches.  Over 200 kilometres of fine, golden sands gently slope into the crystal clear ocean making them perfect for bathing.  Of the many seaside towns along the coast, Saint Gilles Croix-de-Vie is the oldest and is a particularly quaint fishing village with a lovely beach.  For families staying in villas in Vendée, the beach at Saint Jean-de-Monts is ideal as there are beach clubs and play areas for children.  Holiday villas in Vendée that are situated in the coastal areas are ideal if you want to try some water sports such as diving, sailing, kayaking and surfing.

Further inland there are plenty of places to visit when you stay in holiday villas in Vendée including various castles, abbeys, museums and gardens.  The 14th century Castle of Saint Mesmin in particular is worth a visit when you stay in Vendée and you can take a guided tour around this spectacular late medieval fortress.

If ancient buildings interest you, pay a visit to the Abbey of Nieul sur l‘Autise during your stay in Vendée.  The abbey was founded in 1068 and its remains are remarkably still intact.  One of the most intriguing museums that you can visit when you holiday in villas in Vendée is the Coal Mines of Faymoreau, which were actively mined for over one hundred years.  Here you are shown a realistic re-enactment of what life was like for coal miners as they descended deep down towards the coal face.

Those interested in nature will not be disappointed when they stay in Vendée.  There is an array of footpaths and bicycle routes where you can spot various wildlife, and a particularly charming Floral and Tropical Park of the Court d’Aron with flowers and plants from all over the world.  For a completely unique experience during your holiday in Vendée visit the Poitevin Marshes, which is nicknamed ‘Green Venice’, here you can take a captivating boat ride through a maze of canals.

If you stay in holiday villas in Vendée you will be treated to some fantastic weather.  Some villas in Vendée come equipped with outdoor pools, the perfect opportunity to cool off during warm, sunny days.  There is also plenty of delicious French cuisine to sample when you stay in holiday villas in Vendée.  The region is famous for producing brioche, a delightful sweet bread, and due to its coastal location there is an abundance of oysters, sardines, sole and other seafood available in local restaurants.  The area also produces its own wine from a number of small vineyards and is the perfect accompaniment to meals eaten in the sunshine.

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There is an extensive selection of holiday villas in Vendée available for you to browse through, both near to the coast and further inland. Villas are listed by their owners and you are advised to contact them if you require further information about the area around the villa. Holiday villas in Vendée are ideal for both short breaks and longer stays and most of them are self-catering, although some offer bed and breakfast.  Depending on their size and location, villas can vary in price so take some time to browse through to find your perfect villa in Vendée.