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Self Catering holiday accommodation near Concarneau, Brittany for 2 people returned 76 results

MOBILE HOME  - 'Sunflower'MOBILE HOME - 'Sunflower' Special offerEasy book
7 nights starting 24/06/2019: £175.00Sleeps: 4
2 bedroom mobile home, English owned campsiteBedrooms: 2
Clohars Carnoet, FinistèreView Shortlist
13909AAvailability Updated 10/06/20190More details
La Maison OrangeLa Maison Orange Special offer
7 nights starting 06/07/2019: £265.00Sleeps: 2
Quiet hamlet, Comfortable cottage. WIFI. 20% off ALL Brittany Ferry sailingsBedrooms: 1
Malestroit, MorbihanView Shortlist
16101Availability Updated 12/06/20190More details
7 nights starting 21/06/2019: £270.00Sleeps: 2
Comfortable, well-equipped gite with private, enclosed garden den Bedrooms: 1
Plancoet, Côtes-d'ArmorView Shortlist
14139Availability Updated 20/08/20180More details
7 nights starting 22/06/2019: £280.00Sleeps: 2
Just for two, yet so spacious. Perfect for walking & cycling. Flex changeoverBedrooms: 1
Guingamp, Côtes-d'ArmorView Shortlist
16533Availability Updated 29/05/20190More details
Gwennroz Garden StudiosGwennroz Garden Studios 
7 nights starting 28/06/2019: €330.00Sleeps: 2
4 pretty garden studios with terrace for holiday rental.. Ideal for couplesBedrooms: 1
Clohars-Carnoet, FinistèreView Shortlist
212181Availability Updated 22/05/20190More details
7 nights starting 21/06/2019: £295.00Sleeps: 3
Situated in the heart of the Brittany countryside but 5 mins from shopsBedrooms: 1
Guemene Sur Scorff, MorbihanView Shortlist
13462CAvailability Updated 31/05/20190More details
Small CottageSmall Cottage 
7 nights starting 22/06/2019: £300.00Sleeps: 5
2 bedroomBedrooms: 2
Pleneuf Val Andre, Côtes-d'ArmorView Shortlist
248828Availability Updated 12/09/20180More details
Le Cosquer Huella GitesLe Cosquer Huella Gites Special offer
7 nights starting 21/06/2019: £300.00Sleeps: 2
Two stunning luxurious 1 bedroom gites * 20% off Brittany ferry travel*Bedrooms: 1
Huelgoat, FinistèreView Shortlist
224954Availability Updated 22/04/20190More details
La Maison VioletLa Maison Violet Special offer
7 nights starting 06/07/2019: £310.00Sleeps: 2
All accommodation on one floor. Free Wi-Fi. 20% off ALL Brittany Ferry sailingsBedrooms: 1
Malestroit, MorbihanView Shortlist
16101EAvailability Updated 12/06/20190More details
7 nights starting 22/06/2019: £320.00Sleeps: 2
Restored charming cottage and garden in quiet hamlet near to picturesque villageBedrooms: 3
Plumeliau, MorbihanView Shortlist
238528Availability Updated 06/03/20190More details
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